Extreme Logo

The Extreme Collection is refining the most simple flavors and making them very intense. This was not a simple task for example to make a Cherry that taste like a true Cherry and not taste fake or not have it taste like tobacco which many Cherries on the market to do. This collection is great to vape on it’s own to get that clean fruit flavor or can be added to add or increase the flavor to your favorite juice. 

Extreme is available in Max VG and 50/50

Extreme can be purchased online direct from OSVS Labs from the link below

Extreme Cherry

All the Cherry and nothing but. This intense Cherry is called extreme for a reason. You will find vaping this juice that it is loaded with sweet Cherries make it hard to put down.

Extreme Butter Rum

Extreme Butter Rum will remind of you of those candies you always have around Christmas time.

Extreme Grape

For the true grape lover. This Extreme Grape is just that…..EXTREME. This juice will make your mouth water from how intense this juice is.

Extreme Lime

Extreme Lime is this collections #1 seller. Made with natural lime flavoring we pushed the envelope on flavoring to make this Extreme Lime the strongest lime e-liquid on the market.


Sometimes it is hard to find a juice that is just a sweet orange with out being mix with other flavors. Extreme Orange is the juice for you which tastes like you just bit into a freshly peeled sweet orange.


Extreme Lemon is what the name says. This Lemon was designed for two reasons. One for the person looking for a pure sweet lemon vape. And as well for mixing with your favorite juice. Example mixing Extreme Lemon with Extreme Lime to get a powerful Lemon Lime flavor to the way that you like it.