From the creators on Make Me Juice. Seduction is there top fan flavours that have been reformulated to a MAX VG to give you more vapor along with the same of even better flavour then you had before. Seduction is manufactured at dreamlabs in a ISO6 lab to insure quilaty, consistance, and safety to our customers to receive the best vaping experience possible.

Berry Sensual


A tasty mouthful of the most succulent, freshest… Berries!!! TSK TSK where was your mind?

Forbidden Frost


A perfect union of watermelon and green apple. Careful the menthol bites… But you like that don’t you



Reminiscent of that old school root beer float, from the drive through you brought your first date to… Before whatever came next in the car

The Sweet Spot


Ever wonder what it tastes like? Strawberry watermelon bubblebum with just enough sweetness to make you say “O”



You may not get one in real life, but you can have this party of ripe pears, juicy melons and luscious berries in your month