The Se7en Deadly Sins from Vaporus is there premium juice line. This e-juice is offered in a 50vg/50pg blend to work in all Electronic cigarettes and rebuildable. The use of blended flavors in each bottle offers the vaper a unique and very enjoyable vaping experience where no expense was spared to offer the customer the highest grade of flavoring.


Widely regarded as the sin of of physical laziness, Sloth also applies to extreme apathy and inactivity regarding one’s spirituality. By rejecting one’s physical or spiritual obligations, it is thought that the lazy person, sloth or sluggard is in turn accepting the path of Satan himself.

A shimmering light show of sweet orange and citrus dances upon your tongue and awakens your taste buds right before being whisked away into an endless spiral of cream-laden smoothness. This ethereal combination provides a smooth yet bright ADV, reminiscent of one of Montreal’s favourite orange drinks, which can be enjoyed equally in a tank or a dripper. In drippers the orange and citrus will be the stronger flavours, with the cream as more of a backnote/aftertaste. In tanks you get more of an even blend of all the flavours described.


Gluttony is the sin of obsessive consumption to the point of waste. In Christianity, it is considered a sin when one person’s excess desire for food or other consumable items causes them to be withheld from those that need them.

The very first vape of this deliciously gluttonous blend greets you with a soft ripe pear draped in a custardy cream. It is subsequently followed by a rich and earthy after taste of a piecrust garnished with shredded hazelnut and almond. The overall result is a succulent pear cream pie that will have you writhing with anticipation for each puff.

While this flavour tastes great in a tank or a dripper, tank systems will accent more of the pear where drippers will accent more of the cream and piecrust.


Perhaps the most common sin of the modern man, greed is that tiny voice deep within your subconscious that pushes you to want more. Empires are built and destroyed by it, battles lost and won because of it and lives are both created and ruined by it.

We started with a simple ripe banana cream, but that wasn’t enough. Our collective greed pushed us to make this flavour more memorable, more unique, and most of all, to leave you wanting more.

The result, when filled in a tank, is a rich, velvety banana smoothie, with subtle fruit undertones and a light cooling mint exhale. When dripped, however, prepare for a glacial hit of pure banana mint ecstasy that will leave your taste buds both shocked and mesmerized in its wake.


Pride is widely considered the original and most deadly of all the sins, and also the root of the other 6. It is defined by the belief that one is superior to everyone else, failing to acknowledge other’s achievements and excessive admiration of ones self. In the story of Lucifer, it was his pride that ultimately caused his fall from heaven and transformation into Satan.

This distinguished apricot custard flavour is a vaporus dessert inspired by a British high society treat. Its acidic apricot taste is firmly appeased by the comforting weight and wholeness of creamy vanilla. One may effortlessly taste self-worth in its composition.

Pride is an incredible vape in all setups that we have tested it in.


This sin is embodied by irrational and uncontrollable anger, hatred or vengeance towards one’s self or toward others. Wrath is the beast that lies within us all that we can only hope is never released.

A violently bold dark tobacco base is the first phase of this raucous, angst-ridden flavour, its reckless throat hit ravages your inhale with thick waves of earthy richness.  Then, just as you think it’s over, a sweet candy peach and its unlikely partner, a hot cup of green tea, surge their way through the darkness with a sweet fruity vengeance that brightens up your exhale and aftertaste for a full bodied, well rounded all day vape.

For the best results, vape wrath in an RTA or clearomizer tank.


Like greed and lust, the sin of envy relates to insatiable desires. Envy is often compared to jealousy, they both embody a feeling of disdain towards someone’s status, rewards or abilities, the difference being that the envious also desire and covet these traits.

Exotic, rich and inviting, this concoction of honeysuckle and kiwi marries two unlikely allies. The surprising result is fruity, energetic and strongly floral. Its numerous, unexpected and complex aromas will have your friends and family green with envy.

Envy vapes amazingly in tanks or drippers and tends to let your wicks and coils last a bit longer than other darker juices.


Lust is characterized as the sin of passion and intense desire, most commonly associated with sexual connotations. In Dante’s Inferno, unforgiven souls of the sin of lust are launched into a hurricane to symbolize their lack of self control in their earthly life.

This liquid will satiate your newfound passion for peaches and berries in cream. A tidal wave of sweet sugary peaches mixed with a faint but vibrant cornucopia of berries is caressed by the warm embrace of sweet luscious cream.

Lust is equally delicious in all types of atomizers we have tested it with.