Vaporus Black Label


When the artist’s colours fuse on the canvas, they get ever closer to black. With our Black Label line, Vaporus offers liquids for veteran consumers with a more distinguished taste. Different flavours coming together give birth to interesting discoveries; discoveries that will keep consumers coming for more. Offered at a very competitive price, this line of products will intrigue new consumers but will mostly pique the interest of seasoned clients. The latter will be able to identify different nuances and subtle aromatic plays. One must think of Black Label as fine wine: anybody can enjoy it, but a connoisseur will get the most out of it. These products are the result of extensive market analysis, taking bestsellers and refining them to perfection. The result is a surprising, solid product at the forefront of the vaping industry.



This one is for all the pastry lovers. Rather than pinpoint a specific type of cake, our cake flavour is kind of a blend of the best parts of every type of cake. Truly a kaleidoscope of sweet rich and savoury dessert goodness, without all the calories!



Do More


Our best selling tobacco blend. Do more is a very light and neutral tobacco flavour similar to the taste of a Canadian cigarette. This makes it great for beginners making the switch to vaping

Double Apple


This sweet and tart green apple candy flavour is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dragon Fruit


Most dragons spit fire, but ours has a cooler touch. Frozen dragon fruit with a hint of pear and a mysteriously sweet aftertaste round out this delicious fruit vape.

Drum Roll


A dark, rich tobacco flavour with a slightly sweet aftertaste reminiscent of a popular rolling tobacco brand. Great for newbies and experienced vapers alike.



This effervescent mixture of European berries and wild flowers will leave you with a fabulously floral satisfaction.



A mouth-wateringly refreshing blend of cucumber and honeydew melon with a cooling twist, Emerald is an ideal companion for those hot, humid summer days.

Gulf Stream


A cool and refreshing piña colada makes a perfect marriage with mango in this tangy and tropical summertime vape. Just one puff will take you straight to the beach!

Jabbah's Hooka


What everyone’s favourite giant green slime has been puffing on! The force is strong with this flavour, an intense blend of mysterious ingredients come together in this in-your-face but still smooth flavour which is what we imagine alien tobacco would taste like. Due to the complexity of this blend, everyone…

Key Lime Pie


Skip dinner and have dessert all day long with this deliciously realistic flavour! Strong key lime on the inhale with a tasty pie crust and sweet cream rounding out the exhale.

Kiwi Custard


Rich and creamy custard is complimented by a bright and sweet kiwi in this other-worldly concoction.

P.S. Honey 1


This tantalizing mixture of peach strawberry and honeydew melon is sure to please vapers with a fruitier palette. Honeydew is the main flavour, with the peach and strawberry blending in the background to add an almost candy-like texture. This one is a favourite amongst the vaporus staff.

P.S. Honey 2


The same as our original P.S. Honey but with pear instead of peach for the “P” portion of the recipe. The flavour is pretty much the same but is a bit sweeter and has a less harsh throat hit than the peach version.

Raspberry Lemonade




A lovely blend of red fruits and hibiscus with a spicy yet refreshing twist. Reminiscent of a non-coffee drink from a well-known coffee shop.



A bold blast of blue and red raspberry with a sour twist round out this lovely gem of a flavour. Light enough to be an ADV but bold enough to be a satisfying candy/ dessert flavour.

Song's Blend No. 7


This is the preferred ADV of Song, Vaporus’s founder and CEO. A light almost pipe tobacco-ish base is layered with spiced cream and a hint of tea to create a beautifully complex and surprisingly light vape. It goes extremely well with a can of cold green tea.

The Freshman


So fresh and so clean! This super minty concoction will freshen up even the foulest of garlic breaths. Works great after a meal or as an ADV for all the mint-o-philes out there.



This is not the greatest juice in the world, no. This is just a tribute! A slightly more mellow version of our classic Jabba’s Hookah, Tribute is a smooth and rich vape with a coconut tobacco base mixed with a kaleidoscope of flavours blended in that are difficult to identify….



Named after Frank Underwood from House of Cards, Underwood is a sophisticated blend of Kentucky bourbon, vanilla, roasted almond and coconut, with a slight hint of brown sugar to round it out. To really appreciate all the notes of this complex blend, it’s best to use an RTA or clearomizer…

Vape Loops


A bright barrage of sweet citrus followed by subtle undertones of milky cereal grains, this juice will kick you right in the childhood! Reminiscent of a well-known breakfast cereal with a similar name, Vape Loops is light enough to be an adv but sweet and powerful enough to keep as…

Wild West


A southern twist on our classic do more, Wild West has a dryer and spicier profile like a blonde Virginia tobacco. Another great one for new vapers.