E Liquid for every season


I like to choose my E Liquid or E Juice according to what time of year it is. Much in the same way restaurants have seasonal menus, In the winter I like an ice cold menthol vape much like Cyborg Plasma from Cyber E-Liquids. 

Autumn has me craving a crisp, ripe Granny Smith apple, like the juice of that name from Blood, Sweat, and Tears, or a tasty cinnamon bun like Badger Milk from The Secret Elixir.  The pumpkin pudding called Scarecrow is pretty tasty as well.

Now that we are turning the corner into spring and then summer, I’ve got fruit flavors on my mind.  Orchard e liquid makes some fantastic fruit blend flavors that I absolutely love.  The Angry Owl e liquid, which is a strawberry grapefruit; or Melvin Cuko, a watermelon cucumber, are probably my two favorites.

No matter which flavor profiles fit your palate, you’re sure to find a great flavor e liquids at your local One Stop Vape Shop.