Hohm Grown INR 26650 Battery


  • Rated at 4307mAh
  • Pulse & peak rate of 51.6A
  • CC of 32.3a within normal operating temperatures
  • Can be charged at up to 4.3A

Product Description

Phenomenal for those that want serious punch in the 26650 world, without forfeiting capacity. These are rated at 4307mAh, with a pulse & peak of 51.6A, and a CC of 32.3A within normal operating temperatures.

Built specifically for vapers, with the vape industry at heart. Battery venting and safety was top priority. To elaborate:

  1. Modified cathode tag consisting of higher purity aluminum.
  2. Updated poly seal.
  3. Enhanced PTC ring (enhanced PTC ring has a greater multiplier of resistance when triggered for safety).

Based off the BBC 26650 chemistry foundation, manganese inert compound replaced with additional proprietary levels of cobalt & nickel to achieve unprecedented levels of CC & mAh combination. Adjusting NMC ratios was key to acheiving recorded levels.

**NOTICE: Hohm Tech themselves do not manufacture batteries. These are licensed and made specific to the collaborated efforts of BCC, IC, and HT.

** Can be Charged at 4.30A (this is NOT a misprint, 4.30 as in four point three amp charging is possible, tested, proven, and approved within all strict safety protocols set by Indonesia Chemistry. Charging at this energy rate does impede overall battery life.


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